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SSC MiNI salt water electolysis

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Chlorinators,  are an alternative method to maintain water quality, through receiving the chlorine in the electrolysis process. The electrolysis process is carried out by the flow of an aqueous salt solution through the electrolytic cell, which converts sodium chloride (salt) in water into gaseous chlorine, which, when dissolved in water, turns into sodium hypochlorite (liquid chlorine).

Relaxation: the pool is automatically disinfected.

Safety: quantity limitation of the consumption and used chlorine

Comfort: clean, safe and crystal clear water.

Health and good mood: therapeutic, salt water neither irritates the eyes nor causes irritation.


SSC-mini Salt Chlorinator is designed for the residential pools up to 90,000 liters.

Using the latest technology, SSC-mini combines an intuitive interface with robust components for extremely user friendly installation and operation. This maintenance free chlorinator represents the best value for money in the market.


This maintenance-free chlorinator offers the best value for money.


  • Titanium cells for a maximum chlorine production of 20 grams / h
  • Self-cleaning reverse polarity
  • Water flow sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Translucent cover with 50 mm / 1 ½ "or 63 mm / 2" pipe connections



  • User-friendly, easy operation with a few buttons
  • Easy to install, requires minimal modification to the existing installation
  • Long cell life and availability of spare parts
  • High efficiency, less chemical consumption and better water quality

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